Roofing Membrane Coating System

Roofing Membrane

Is your EPDM, PVC or other single-ply roofing system showing its age?
Does your roof have leaks or weak spots?
Want to save money on your heating & cooling costs?

Our industry-leading membrane coating can revitalize your roof and provide significant energy savings too!

Most older, flat roofs were constructed using black materials that absorb sunlight. The heat from the sun causes damaging expansion and contraction that can shorten the life of your roof. Our membrane coating system changes all of that, with reflective qualities that prevent sun damage and reduce heat, saving you money on your energy bills for years to come.

Find out if our membrane coating system is right for your roof.


Membrane Coating Installation:

The key to enhanced, leak-free protection for your old membrane roof is proper preparation. That's why most of our time is spent preparing your roof to receive the final top coat.

1. Cleaning

We use our WAC11 cleaner to thoroughly clean your roof. This opens the membrane pores, providing a strong surface that will adhere to the coating.

2. Primer

Next, we apply a primer to create a fresh, consistent surface. We also prime and coat all seams and protrusions to prevent leaks and weak spots.

3. Top Coat

Finally, we apply Rapid Roof 111, Conklin Roofing System's number 1 roof restoration top coat. This latex coating provides reflective properties, is Energy Star Rated and comes with a Class "A" fire rating.

Ready to bring your roof back to life?